Sunday, January 17, 2010

New scheme

I brought home 10 airbrushed fire warriors and my hammerhead a couple of days ago and began to think about colors for the hammerhead. Well It has the same base color as the FWs You could see earlier, that yellowish, but I don't know if I should paint some camo over it, or just paint the gaps, or both. I think I'll just put midnight blue in those gaps and highlight tha parts around it with dark grey to resemble that the vehicle is really war-torn.

When I got the idea to use midnight blue as a kind of wash I just started to wonder if It would look better as my secondary color instead of the grey. I applied it to a FW just to see and I liked it much more than the first combination, so I'm painting the 10 new FWs to this scheme. Alas my painting skills didn't improve so they won't look good, but the colors will look cool together, I hope. I'll post pictures at friday or saturday I think. Comments are welcome about the HH and everything of course!

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