Friday, January 22, 2010

First Hammerhead

I got fed up with the FWs (I just can't paint them nice, always mess up sg. I should go with a 1-color scheme on them with washes and drybrushing) so I decided to carry on with the painting of my HH. Here are a few pics about my progress. I'd like to thank the Santa Cruz Warhammer crew for the idea of the camo, I think It looks great.

Before the camo.

With the camo.

Painted a few details.

We Will see how will It turn out, I have to correct it here and there, paint a few more details, apply some decals and weather It as good as I can. Remember, this item is from my first wh40k buy ever so this have to be very worn-out and damaged. How do You like it?


  1. nice one. I think you can be a bit more heavy handed about it, make it really standout. less is more though, so you are on the right track
    santa cruz warhammer

  2. Thanks! The pictures aren't good, in life You can see more contrast between the colors. I tried a different camo too, but it just didn't work.

    I think I'll drybrush the tank heavier along the lines with a light grey to resemble chipping off paint, maybe overused parts, and ill drybrush the whole lightly with a bit darker grey. What do you think? I just fear to apply a wash over the whole tank...