Friday, January 15, 2010

Dark Eldar vs. SM 500pt patrol

I tried out Dark Eldar for the first time a couple of days ago and I just loved it. We played annihilation (in patrol rules You have to play that) and I could bring in the following army:

2 raider squads with 1 blaster and 1 splinter cannon each, with disintegrators on the raiders
2 ravagers with 2 disintegrators and 1 dark lance each

Though this is a 6 victory point army I was lucky because my opponent rolled really bad and I didn't.

He brought in 2*10 SM with 1 flamer and 1 rocket launcher and a 7 man devastator squad with 3 rocket launchers.

This was my first battle ever where I have managed to wipe out the enemy at the end of 5th turn. Disintegrators are a bless compared to the Tau anti-MEq weapons. range 36" S7 AP2 Blast? Sweet.

I'm gonna try and play with the Dark Eldar more and more, maybe I should rename the blog to a more collective title since I'm writing about everything about 40k...

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