Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Imperial Guard

Yesterday I played IG for the first time and I really liked it. I made quite a few mistakes with my army list, but besides that I loved the imperial spirit and It was a real refreshment that I didn't have to worry about loosing a man or two.
My army list was the following:

Company Command Squad
3x Veteran Squad (2 with flamers)
1 Banewolf
1 Medusa with bastion breacher shells
1 Leman Russ Eradicator
1 squad of 2 Leman Russ battle tanks

Next time I'm gonna try out the Vendettas... :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

New mobile phone -pics-

My last phone went wrong so I have a new one which my family didn't use I don't understand why... Anyway this one has a cool camera so I took a few shots this evening under a lamp and the pictures aren't THAT bad. More to come, as I airbrushed my Hammerhead and 10 new Fire warriors of the cadre.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

1000 point battle report vs. Space Marines

Today We just played a quick battle, where I tried to use the sweet XV8s with fusion blasters against armoured targets with no use. Let's see what happened:

My army list:
Shas'vre with plasma, MP, MT, HW-DC, PR, 2 Shield drones
2 bodyguards with plasma, MP, TA, HW-MT

XV8 team leader, TL-FB, TA, HW-DC 2 shield drones

2*XV8 TL-MP, TA (favourite type of XV8, the Deathrains)

2* 6 Fire warrior in Devilfish with DP (usual troop choice)

HH+BC+RG+MT+DP (my usual HH)

He had a land raider, 2 razorbacks with linked lascannons, 2*5 space marines, 5 terminators, 6 scouts, one with a missile launcher, and a Master of the Forge with his conversion beamer which I really hate.

I guess I should make photos about the battles because this way It's really hard to explain clearly what happened, so I'll just roughly explain what happened.

We played seize ground, with 4 points and rolled spearhead. I deployed only my HQ, Hammerhead and my Deathrains, He deployed his Land raider and one Razorback standing together with his MOF attached to the scouts in a ruin (3+ because of the MOF) controlling a point.

In the first round We did nothing, noone could do nothing, not even a wound or a crew shaken.

In the second round I called in my FB XV8s near the Land Raider, which was a mishap, and he replaced my XV8s to the farest corner from his tanks. He came in with only his terminators, eliminating my Deathrains with a concentrated fire from everything.

3rd round one of my DF came in, sneaking near the side of the table to one of the farer points... Because of the terminators I turned back with my HQ and didn't try to outflank that damn razorback with its lascannon in the 3+ cover, but attacked the terminators.

From here things started to get fast so I don't remember clearly, but my HHs railgun got blown up (not inflicting a single wound or crew shaken) my second devilfish and his second razorback came in, I got my FB squad terminated, my HQ running and controlling 2 points, while he controlled one and contested one with my useless HH. In the 7th round I gave up, when I only had one control point, I've been near another one but standing in a crater with 3 fire warriros who survived the destruction of my DF (of 4 armour saves, I rolled 3 1s...) and that broken HH of mine.

Another loss for the great Tau Empire!

What did I learn? That tau don't have Leadership, and tend to run off the table, that HHs can't be used against tanks and that deep striking is a risky thing. I'm not sure my command squad is the best, I have to rethink that... Just the usual stuff. What do You think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Crisis 01

I began to paint my first Crisis battlesuit, It will be a Shas'vre from the commander's bodyguard. You can't see it yet, but It will be a very battle-hardened armor, with 3 shots on the body, and a cut on the left hand. I like this model so far, but painting this type of camo takes too much time, so I will stick with an easier one with airbrush, and say that this is an expreimental camouflage, which I can easily imagine with the Tau. The camo is inspired by the USMC T-pattern which was an expreimental camo as well, used only once.

Monday, October 19, 2009

First figures painted

Well here are the first five fire warriors of the cadre. They look very similar to the T'au sept in colors, but I didn't decide it whether my cadre is part of it or not? I didn't decide the name either, It should be something 'tauish', which would also suggest that these guys aren't fighting stationary. Banestorm, thunderstrike, or something like that. I'm sure I dont want to model exactly the T'aus because I find them kinda boring. All of my vehicles and I think my battlesuits as well will have camo, so they will be different.

As You can see, my painting skills are lousy but I'm trying hard. I really like the leader's head and that's it. I surely have to improve.
These will be my most veteran warriors along with 3 Crisis battlesuits, 3 XV25 battlesuits and a Hammerhead which I bought together on eBay. They were used and not in good condition as You can see for example these soldiers don't have antennas... Of course I can explain that: no ideas why, but on the planet, where they fought against greenskins short range radio didn't work so they chose not to wear the antennas since that's just more weight which is bad when You have to run from Orks. :)

So here are a couple of bad pics, the models aren't ready, I'll upload a few pics when they are. I really like weathering and I already decided that this will be a battleworn cadre, so that's what is still waiting for them. Your opinions are more than welcome!

tau basics

This blog should be about my attempts to create a tau hunter cadre in the universe of Warhammer 40000. I'll try to post pictures about my army, about our terrains, about my ideas, army lists, and battle reports as well. I'm really new to this game so I'll surely have a few misunderstood rules, my army for now mostly consists paper models and my painting skills are not the best to say the least. Anyway, comments will always be welcome because I'm really interested in others opinions and I hope We can discuss a few things here. Oh and please forgive me, my language skills aren't the best, but I'm trying hard to be understandable.