Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Hammerhead 2

As You can see below I got on with the HammerHead. There isn't too much to say, I painted the sensors on the front, a few parts of the railgun, the sept marking on the front, and the back of the turbines which You can't see now.

I added 3 decals as well, They look cool I think. I figured this means 20 in Tau, and now that's the number of the vehicle. I chose this number coz my brother was born on the 20th of Feb. I have never seen this kind of decal on the tower of a HH, but I think it looks good, especially that this method was (maybe even now is) used in many armies around the World.

The other funny part is the railgun with the red stripes. I got the idea from German tank aces from WW2 who painted a circle on their cannons after every tank which they destroyed. I think it looks great on the railgun as well, showing this tank's crew is experienced with 4 victories from previous battles. (We only draw a circle after Land Raiders of course...)

Oh I almost forgot to mention the sensor in the middle of the tank to which I gave a Knight Rider / Battlestar Galactica Cylon feeling with the painting. Since I hate this part on the HH most, I just thought this would be a good joke, laughing out the segment itself, though I kinda like it now.

For me, now comes the fun part because finally i can get to weather RH (Railhead) #20.

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