Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reinforcements have arrived!

Indeed. In the form of 10 FWs. I don't like painting these guys so I think I won't buy anymore, but try to build some kind of a drone army. I'll count the drones as FWs, They will be in the same height as the FW heads, they will have a pulse rifle and a TA to give them the unbelievable BS 3 of the FWs. What do you think about this idea?

Anyway, here are a few bad pics!


  1. Hi,

    Nice paint job on the fire warriors.

    Personally I think you don't need more fire warriors to have a competitive army. You can get away with a unit of fire warriors and two units of kroot up to 1500 pts.

    Maybe switch to painting crisis suits and come back to the infantry. 2 extra fire warriors would be nice (so you could field them as one full unit or two units of 6), and some pathfinders would be fine.

    What don't you like about painting the fire warriors ?


  2. Hi, thanks!

    I think too that this will be enough for a while. I already have 5 of them painted, so that will do. for now..

    I think the tools in which they make the FWs at Games Workshop are old and therefore they don't have sharp outlines. Sometimes parts of the armor, especially at the legs are kinda 'blurred'... Is this the right word? :) I'm not a native speaker.

    So this is my problem with the guys.