Monday, February 1, 2010

First Hammerhead 3

I think this will be the last post about the painting of HH #20 since I consider it ready. I kinda like the weathering though I think I'll add boltgun metal or something like that on the nose to resemble heavier damage. I didn't really weather the SMS drones because in my opinion these are very mobile parts on a HH and are easier to replace by newer ones than the engines for example (I don't really use SMS on HHs by the way so I'll change them to burst cannons if I'll have the chance). I don't really know what to write about it so here come the pics. Tell me what You think!


  1. the weathering worked out really well. You dared and stepped into the challenge. One thing, I think the black soot should only come from the engine outlets. maybe the front should be weathered more like going through a raging duststorm or something. Do it differently on the next one, I have learned something with each model that I paint

  2. You are absolutely right, I don't like the front either. I'll try to do something about it later, but now It's kinda relaxing to think It's ready. :)

  3. Good weathering - I like tanks that look worn and used - although I agree that the front looks fire-blackened rather than weathered. You could say it had got too close to a Hellhound!

    The camo stripes aren't really coming through in these pics. Maybe you need to make them a bit stronger on your next HH?

  4. You are absolutely right! I'll try to do something with the front later, maybe clean off the black and add a bit of metal? I'm not sure. I'm not sure Tau vehicles are made from metal... :)

    On the camo: You're right again! If You watch earlier posts about it, I think it comes through better there, with all this weathering the camo just lost it's visibility which isn't that bad, but I'm sure on my new tanks I'll use a different method and stronger colors.

    Thanks for the comment BTW!!!